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Is that a mutated eggplant?

Review of Astroslugs HD
Developer: Bit Barons
Price(15/9/2011): $1.99
Author’s Rating: 7

This game is good for: Winding down after a long day at work

We all know that's actually an eggplant..


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I would have more self-confidence if tofu stuck to my chopsticks like this..

Review of To-fu 2
Developer: HotGen Ltd
Price(10/9/2011): $0.99
Author’s Rating: 7

This app is good for: puzzle geeks

Ring the bell.. Go on..


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Spirits (iPad)

Developer: Mattias Ljungstrom

Look! A walking mushroom!

I must confess that I was quite a hardcore Lemmings fan (even though that was probably about 15 years ago). When I chanced upon Spirits, those old Lemmings memories flooded back into my head. Not surprisingly, I took to Spirits like a duck to water.


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Osmos HD – (iPad)

Developer – Hemisphere Games

Price: $4.99

Simple yet stylish graphics can turn games with straightforward concepts into winners


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Siege Towers for Two (iPad)

Developer: Philipp Lenssen


People tend to lower their expectations when downloading a free app, and that may play a small part in the rave review you are about to read. But I am willing to stake my reputation on the fact that this game has the potential to bring you hours of fun and enjoyment, as long as you have a worthy opponent to battle it out with.


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Auditorium (International) – iPhone/iTouch

Developer: Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.

Price: FREE

It’s been only 15 months since I obtained my iPhone, and the speakers have already decided to give up on me. While it’s probably not wise to write a review on Auditorium without the sound, here it is anyway.

Auditorium! There it is, one of the first few games which I first purchased immediately after obtaining my iPhone. $1.99 at that time if I remember correctly. After a few minutes of browsing through my apps, I realized that this is THE oldest game that I have kept till this date. It brings back old memories of games such as Doodlejump & Paper Toss. Funny how we used to think how awesome those games were.  Then again, once upon a time, we were all trying not to eat our own tails on the light Blue LEDs of Nokia 3210’s snake. (All those games are probably still awesome, but we have extremely short attention spans here at AOMBase, and we are difficult to please.)

Anyway, I decided to give it another shot.. with my silent iPhone 3. (Epiphany! I really need to get an iPhone 4)


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