Much like most of you who have happened to stumble upon this blog, we have played many video/computer games. Of all kinds. Some were good, some were awesome. Some were bad, and some were just downright atrocious. But I’m a firm believer that bad games have a part to play in this world, because without the bad games, the good games wouldn’t be great. And therefore, we’re not really here to rant about the crappy games that aren’t worth a dime, nor are we here to swoon about the games we know are just simply awesome (like Starcraft).

Instead, we are here because it pisses us off, that some incredibly awesome games, are just played by no one, like the misunderstood genius children who shy away to themselves in the playgrounds during lunch breaks. But once you go over to them, talk to them, take some time to find out what they’re really about, then you realize that they are absolutely fantastic, and you want everyone to realize how awesome they really are.

We are also here because there are some games, that get an incredible amount of attention, get heaps of people talking about them, and yet are just plain disappointing to play. Like pretentious kids basking in superficial popularity, once you spend some time playing them, you realize that they are about as shallow as a puddle on a marble floor.

Now, it is often true that most games that nobody plays, are simply that way because they well and truly suck. Which is why we believe it is our social responsibility to inform you which of them actually really suck, and conversely, inform you which of those, that have all the media-attention of a teenage pop star with surgical mammary enhancements, are really bad games in disguise.

Please enjoy.


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