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Much like most of you who have happened to stumble upon this blog, we have played many video/computer games. Of all kinds. Some were good, some were awesome. Some were bad, and some were just downright atrocious. But I’m a firm believer that bad games have a part to play in this world, because without the bad games, the good games wouldn’t be great. And therefore, read more..i


Rumours of the iPhone 5 release date reach Hitler..

This is not a review, so posting this goes against all my reviewing principles and the general purpose of why we set up this blog, but I’m making this exception because it is relevant to all of semi-Apple supporters, who enjoy the functionality and design of Apple products, but are peeved at how Apple sometimes uses their customer loyalty to milk the most cash at the expense of their consumers.

This is one of those parodies of the German movie, Downfall, where subtitles are used to mask the actual meaning of the words, to give Hitler’s priceless reaction to the little problems we face everyday. In this situation he finds out about the rumors iPhone 5 getting released in September.

It is well worth 4 minutes of your time. Enjoy.

– Black Cows

WARNING: Contains profanities, so do not watch it if you are easily offended.


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