Xtreme Stunt Biking

Review of Bike Baron (iPad)

Developer: Mountain Sheep Inc.

Price(7/10/2011): $0.99

Author’s Rating: 8/ 10

This app is good for: OCD Bikers / Gamers looking for a challenge

“Side-scrolling Stunt biking” is what you would use to describe Bike Baron, this week’s iPad Game of the Week. As a physics-based game, the motion and response of the bike is so incredibly realistic that it really makes me feel like I am learning how to “stunt bike”. The timeless graphics are also my cup of tea and they really ease the frustration of continuous crashing (which you will get accustomed to). The interface is extremely user-friendly (just 4 buttons) and intuitive, allowing you to pick up the game in less than a minute. But yet the game is carefully crafted such that it is such challenging fun to master.

Intuitive Controls equals Fast Fun

There’s a total of 44 unique stages in-game. 14 easy stages that act more to familiarize you with the game, 15 stages of medium difficulty to get you in the mood, 12 in hard and 3 in extreme to really set the challenge for you. Each stage must be unlocked with stars which you will earn throughout the game. The criteria for stars is easy at the start and you basically earn a star every time you complete a level. Stars can be awarded for are collecting all the coins, beating a certain time & doing flips. And as with all great games, earning these reward stars will progressively become much harder as you progress.

Many levels, much more frustration

I meant it when I said much harder. The difficulty level can get to the point of impossibility, and at times the game will leave you frustrated beyond words. Bike Baron is definitely one of the hardest iPad games that I have come across that has kept my attention after so many failed attempts. But I also should point out that the easy and medium stages are not that difficult and are simply entertaining to play. There are also 1 or more checkpoints per level so you don’t have to restart entirely if you don’t want to. (Though the criteria for earning stars often requires you to complete a level without restarting.)


In a trend that seems to be catching on with level-based games, Bike Baron like last week’s “Forever Drive“, provides a level editor which allows you to create your own stage. If you are itching for more stages, you can download more “user-created stages” using level codes from here.

Creating my own stage

Overall, Bike Baron is a great game with heaps of replay value. Although it can get frustrating at points, the satisfaction you drive from completing an impossible stage is close to orgasmic. I think it’s $0.99 now, but I would have paid much more than that for it.

You'll start getting used to it..

Review by Smoking Crows


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