Bug Warzzz

Review of Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense

Developer: Image & Form International AB

Price(7/10/2011): $1.99

Author’s Rating: 8/ 10

This app is good for: Strategy junkies with a micro-management craving

It’s been a month since a real-time strategy game was released (Crimsons: Steam Pirates), and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game (Strategy junkie me!). In Anthill, you control a colony of ants and have a basic goal of collecting food and producing more ants all in the name of preventing your colony from being wiped out. With the pure aim of survival, you complete each mission if your colony is still intact after the last wave of enemies.There are a total of 3 campaigns each packing 7 unique missions.

Deep forest campaign

You could think of Anthill as a twist on tower defence. In this case, your “towers” (or ants) aren’t static, which means you have to be able to visualise where they’ll be when the enemy reaches you. The other twist is that your ants will die, and you’ll need to replenish them, which means you’ll need to ensure that you’ve “harvested” enough dead insect carcasses for food in order to “build” new ants.

There is a decent variety of enemy bugs which ranges from normal ants to flying bomber ants to self destructing slugs to long-ranged mortar beetles (whom are really annoying) to huge-ass unstoppable insects, etc (many more for your own exploration). This keeps things very interesting, because each enemy type behaves differently, and may even attack each other! (I wonder if the developers spent any time observing bugs in real life…)

As for your own six legged army, you have 4 different ant types to order around. As the ever hardworking worker ants do not fight, you are left with the tough and hardy (melee) soldier ants, the alien type (ranged/anti-air) spitting ants (not sure if it exists?) and your own Royal airforce flying ants which can drop a payload anywhere on command.

How you command them is where it gets fun: You draw pheromone trails which a selected type of ant will “patrol” along. You can draw these trails as long as you want, and have as many trails as you like. So for example, you would want to draw a worker ant trail to where there’s a lot of food to keep your resources stocked. BUT you need to defend them, or form a “front” before the enemy can get to them, and your anthill.

Yes yes, it does sound fairly complicated (I had problems explaining this to my fiancee), but here’s all you need to know: It’s seriously fun. 

So fun that I finished it over 3 days, ending up red eyed at work the next morning.

As you play through the game, it’s quite obvious that the developers put in quite a bit of effort into this. The graphics are really sharp, the sound effects charming, the game mechanics are well thought out, and the storyline is pretty amusing.

Most importantly for me however, is that it’s challenging enough for you to want to play it over till you get the maximum “stars” for each level. The other reason is that you can upgrade your ants using these stars (like Kingdom Rush?), and they are significant upgrades – like carpet bombing abilities for your flying ants!

But, a midst all that fun , I had encountered a serious problem…………..

I finished the game. And found myself feeling aimless in life, or something. No really, it’s a little too short! It’s like the time that dude asked everyone over to his place for like, the most awesome party like ever, and told everyone to go home at 11 pm. Not cool.

To the developers:

I sincerely hope that you’ll extend the party like right now. I want more ant killing bug action!

Oh yes, one more thing, I’d like a few more types of ants to marshal against the invading bug horde please. 


Overall, Anthill is a brilliant game. It’s a refreshing reload for the tower defence type genre. If you like strategy games as much as I do, you’d be very happy with this one.

Review by Smoking Crows and Gnoke Red


2 Responses to “Bug Warzzz”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 21, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Dear reviewer,

    Thank you very much! We’ve got a present for you: Infinity Mode is coming soon, and it’s MEAN! It’ll keep you showing up for work red-eyed for weeks to come! 🙂

    Image & Form – the developers of Anthill

  2. 2 cherddd October 24, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Image & Form,

    It’s a pleasure.
    Releasing Infinity mode will destroy my life. (That’s a compliment)


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