John Slade (SHADOWGUN) vs Dr. Simon (Maniacal Genius)

Review of SHADOWGUN (iPad)
Developer: MADFINGER Games
Price(3/10/2011): $7.99
Author’s Rating: 7.5/ 10

This app is good for: iOS Shooter fans

This week’s iPad Game of the Week (SHADOWGUN) is a 3rd person shooter based in a futuristic era full of battle droids and humanoids. First impressions were simply stunning, the graphics in Shadowgun reminded me of my first few minutes of Infinity Blade (WOW!). I would have never expected a 3D environment like this to run so smoothly on the iPad 2. (Heard it doesn’t run as well on the 1st generation iPads, so be warned.).

Graphics.. check.

Once you start the game, you are put into the shoes of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous Shadowgun, a title only worthy of the best of the best mercenaries ever known. Mission: Hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, maniacal genius and leader of his own mutant army. With your personal assistant, S.A.R.A guiding you through this rather spectacular adventure /manhunt, and instructing you with every move, you will find yourself completely at ease with the customizable controls before you even realize it.

Controls.. check.

After a good hour into the game, I started getting used to the awesome graphics, and this is when I started to pick up a few minor flaws in its gameplay. The biggest of which was the lack of variety in opponents, the lack of a melee ability (Don’t knock me. I’m a Quake player.) and the difficulty in switching between weapons. The last flaw could possibly be considered as part of a skill you need to learn, but it annoyed me nonetheless. On hindsight, the lack of variety should be forgiven due to the fact that the entire game will take you roughly 6 hours long from start to finish, which is indeed pretty good for an iOS game.

One of many screenshots I was more than happy to take

Overall, I rate this as the definitive standard for shooters on the iOS (yes, you can play on your phone too) at this time. However, if you are used to hardcore FPS action on other consoles, I don’t suggest you even try making a comparison as you would be sorely disappointed.  So if you have $8 to spare and 6 hours to kill (6 hours to kill in more ways than one), free feel to turn yourself into a SHADOWGUN!

"One meeeellion dollars!"

Review by Smoking Crows


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