Improve your kids maths skills

Review of NxtApp 4 Kids
Developer: ICON, LLC
Price(10/9/2011): $1.99
Author’s Rating: 7

This app is good for: Finding out if your kid is a genius.


NxtApp 4 Kids (NAK) is a simple educational game aimed to help kids improve their mental maths in a vibrant, interactive environment. Amidst a plethora of games that glorify violence, gore and destruction that are available to future generations, it is refreshing to see that the world of cute cartoons and child-like beings has not been lost. It almost gives me hope that my kids (if I ever have any) will grow up to be nothing like me. (Constantly looking for ways and means to behead zombies, destroy evil armies with massive explosions, etc..)

Math and farm animals.. the basis of kindergarten education

NAK is a sequence completion game. If you recall those math problems we faced in our math exams many years ago (depending on how old you are), NAK is not dissimilar. Each stage in NAK comprises of a set of 10 different number sequences. Each sequence has 4 numbers: 3 numbers shown and 1 number left blank. With some logic and simple maths, deduce what the blank number is supposed to be, and you are off to the next stage with your time-based score being recorded. You need to answer all 10 sequences correctly in order to record a high score. 1 wrong answer would fail the stage immediately and you have to start all over again. NAK has 5 stages currently available and 1 mystery stage waiting to be released in the next update.

I personally find the outstanding feature of this to be the score sharing system on Game Center. I know its very common in apps these days, and it’s something that is almost a drawback if you don’t have it, but think about this: the one thing that irked me most about completing these math problems ridiculously fast as a kid, is that I had no real way of comparing it to the speed of all the less intelligent people in my classroom. But now, I can! Of course, you run the risk of finding out that you are actually the less intelligent person, but hey, we’re in the age of free-flowing information.

Don't congratulate me for being something I was born to be.

This is a great way for younger kids to have  fun and hone their maths skills at the same time. I have some reservations of the graphics appealing to kids who can actually solve the problems due to the level of difficulty of some of them, but then again, kids keep getting smarter every day. If your two year old can best your high-score, then he thoroughly deserves to destroy your reputation by sharing it on Game Center. In the end, $1.99 is not a bad price to pay to find out if you have a math genius as an offspring.

I can't do this one, I only have 10 fingers!

Review by Smoking Crows

(This sponsored review was requested via Twitter Id: allofmybase)


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