Review of Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Developer: Chillingo Ltd.
Price (14/8/2011): $3.99
Author’s Rating: 7.5


Tower defense has evolved from a simple game to a genre in its own right. All sorts of variations of tower defense has emerged throughout the years and it doesn’t seem to be dying out. This week’s “iPad Game of the Week” – Anomaly HD, is an opposite form of tower defense, tower offense! Instead of building the towers, you send in the troops to destroy the already placed towers instead. Frankly, I much prefer the tower defense genre to tower offense.

As you start the game, the introduction video sets the mood for the impending gameplay to come. The video graphics was outstanding, and so is the in-game graphics. The campaign mode does a good job of teaching the semantics of the game, and it is a game you will enjoy learning and playing at first. There are 15 levels in the campaign mode in total and each level takes approximately 10 mins to complete. As you progress, you slowly unlock units for the squad assault mode. The squad assault mode is a much longer mode with each level at least 30 mins long. There is also a commander’s trial mode when you finish the game, this mode replays the exact same campaign mode with extra goals to accomplish.

There are six kinds of troops for you to choose from in the game: APC, Crawler, Shield, Supply, Dragon and Tank, each unit can be upgraded to a max level of 3 times. There are also six unique towers you will get to face: Blaster, Scorcher, Behemoth, Stormary, Hacker and Energizer.The most crucial aspect about the game are the abilities you get to use throughout the game: Repair, Decoy, Smoke and Airstrike. In case anyone is wondering what exactly are the units/towers/abilities, there is an in game help screen that thoroughly explains the specifics.

Each level allows you to set the difficulty of the game, Casual, Advanced and Hardcore. At the start of each level, you will start off in the planning screen where you buy/upgrade troops and plan your route. The planning screen will pause the game and you can take your time for any decision. You start off with a given sum of money each level and no money is carried forward. You gather money from the game by shooting down “cash items” or by destroying towers. After destroying a tower, a ability usually drops and you can pick them up as you proceed with the mission.

The bulk of Anomaly HD gameplay relies on the timing of the placement of the abilities in this game and there is not much strategy needed at all if you have fast enough fingers. The advanced mode was a pretty comfortable difficulty for me while the hardcore mode was really pretty hardcore and I switched back soon enough. Regardless, the amount of fun derived was mainly due to the polished visuals. The fun slowly weened away as I progressed further into the game. The campaign mode was decent fun but to be brutally honest, the squad assault mode and commander trials was quite a drag to play. But well, I guess you can’t hate something that looks good eh?

Review by Smoking Crows


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