Infinity Control (iPhone / iTouch)

Developer: Robert McCrady

Price: $0.99

Author’s rating: 6


Not many of you reading this, can claim to have taken one step further to following your dream of developing a top app for the iPhone. And almost none of you can claim to have developed an app whilst suffering from a debilitating auto-immune disease. And that’s why we should all take a moment to read this app in support of Robert McCrady! Read more of his story at, and if you feel moved, what better way to support him than by enjoying his game, Infinity Control.

Infinity Control is McCrady’s take on the popular Flight Control series. Space craft cruise in from all directions onto the screen, and you have to steer them to the safety of their landing strips by drawing out their flight paths. This may sound simple enough, but when 5 craft come in at once it becomes more than a challenge to make sure they don’t crash into each other, or any other random space debris that happens to float into the neighborhood.

While Infinity Control is sure to provide at least a short period of entertainment for all ages, it is lacking in some areas, preventing it from competing with the big boys of the iPad gaming community.

The simplistic graphics, though timeless, are somewhat stiff when animated. The physics of every turn, somehow feels as though they should pay a little more attention to the laws of physics and inertia. (Though it could be argued, that since this is space and it is some future technology, that this does not apply.)

A high number of docked space craft, will help you increase your rank which adds the essence of wanting to play a little more, though you’d wish you could compare your rank with a world ladder. Increasing your rank should also present some sort of gratifying reward that would make you want to come back for more.

Like something out of a Jetson's disco

Having played Flight control prior to reviewing this app, I personally have to admit that I didn’t feel it was a step up from the classic game, but I also didn’t think it was any worse. At $0.99 (don’t forget that you’re helping McCrady out too), this classic game is well-worth keeping around your pocket to keep you entertained while sitting on the train for the long ride home. For an added challenge, make sure its a bumpy train.

Review by Smoking Crows

(This sponsored review was requested via ReviewRoster Id: allofmybase)


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