Memento Pairs (iPhone / iTouch)

Developer: Marten Wirsik

Author’s rating: 6.0 (Single Player Only)


We received a request to review a game called memento pairs which is actually developed by some German chap. I should mention that this review is written from the perspective of an English speaking person, desperately attempting to navigate his way around software written in a foreign language. If you’ve ever accidentally set your software language to something other than your own tongue, and couldn’t set it back because you have no idea what the words mean, then you have an inkling of what we went through.

Memento Pairs is quite simply another version of the classic ‘hidden pairs’ memory game. For the sake of anyone who has been living under a rock for most of their lives, the objective is to pick out pairs of cards from a set of either 8×8, 16×16 or 32×32 cards, laid out, face down. Every successful attempt will result in removing the 2 cards from the table. The fastest time in which you can remove all the cards, or the least number of attempts, will give you the highest score.

Now this game has great multiplayer potential, and I am pretty sure that a large part of this app lies in the fact that you can play this game with others, but unfortunately, there was no way I could navigate my way through layers of German instructions, prompts and questions to review the multiplayer features of this app in any proper way. (But if you are German, I would say that there’s no harm giving the multiplayer version of this go, especially while it’s free.)

Overall, I would have to admit that playing this old game of mine on the iPhone definitely beats the experience I had when I had to use a deck of cards. It’s also nice not to have to reshuffle a deck every game and have your best scores recorded. But apart from that, this game still lacks that special something that could make it memorable. It might still be a handy game to play over short waiting periods, given how quick each round is, just to keep your memory sharp, but if you are running low on hard disk space, do not be afraid to clear it out.

Review by Smoking Crows

(This sponsored review was requested via ReviewRoster Id: allofmybase)


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