Sand Slides (iOS Universal)

Developer: Logik State

Price: FREE

Author’s Rating: 7.0


In today’s app store market, games hitting the top of the charts are more than often dominated by the larger game production companies. Powered by their financial capabilities, these “Gaming giants” are able to produce games with amazing graphics and quality and often have the experience and staff to create incredible games. However, it is when an independent game developer coughs up a David to slay the multitudes of Goliaths, that we will make sure that all of you sit up and take notice of these well-deserved teams, and give credit to where it is due. Sand Slides is no David but its creators might be close to producing one soon.

Sand Slides is a well-executed take on one of those game that employs an understanding of simple gravity physics. Three bottles unload colored sand from the top of the screen. The objective of the game is to funnel the sand into their corresponding containers at the bottom of the screen, by drawing “lines” that act as physical obstacles with your finger. The interface is remarkably simple, such that anyone from intuitive preschoolers to those of the older generation who type on qwerty keyboards using 2 or less fingers can learn how to play this game without any serious difficulty.

It should be noted that a large part of how easy it is to pick this game up and play it straight away, is largely due to the often unrecognized effort that the developers have gone through to apply realistic physics to the sand particles. Although the actual graphics may not be of top quality, the painstaking process of tweaking that gravity engine has rewarded the developers with enough realistic motion to play their cards with some of the higher rollers.

Sand Slides comes with 4 game modes: Practice, Marathon, Challenge and Brutal. All of them are straightforward enough to complete, but if you are up to the challenge of filling the receiving containers simultaneously, you will be rewarded with bonus points and with a reasonably satisfying visual treat. However, be careful as the containers can only take in sand at a certain rate! Too much sand at once will cause a spill. Ultimately, a combination of timing, anticipation and some “finger drawing precision” would be able to squeeze out that last bit of concentration still left in you.

Control your sand using an intuitive drawing interface

Sand Slides can be played by anyone, at anytime! It is a classic FREE iOS arcade game that is able to provide quick doses of entertainment anytime you want. If I ever had kids, I would also probably use this to teach them about gravity as the interface is simple enough for them to learn. And a note to those who are all about going against the corporations: support your the independent developers at the small cost of $0.99! (And get rid of the ads at the same time.)

Review by Smoking Crows

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