Attack of the Mall Zombies – (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Developer: Abstrakt Reality Entertainment

Price: $0.99

Author’s rating: 6.0

There are few things more entertaining than fending off a pack of zombies with a shotgun or a cattle prod. The kind folks at Abstrakt reality have realized this and kindly furnished us with a game that offers an immense amount of potential. And even though there is room for improvement in many fronts, Attack of the Mall Zombies still delivers that dose of brainless entertainment that we all so badly need every once in a while.

It's like a Paul Blart Zombie Disco


One of the things we seldom think about when we choose a job, is whether or not it will afford us protection or some lifeline of survival, when an apocalyptic, world destroying disaster catches us unaware. (While we usually have no reason to think of these criterion, it’s always fun to imagine what would happen anyway.) But as the folks at Abstrakt Reality suggest, if the apocalypse has to do with armies of brain-consuming zombies, the best job you could possibly have, is to be a fearsome security guard at a mall somewhere in Texas. (I’ve not actually been to Texas, but I’m stereotyping Texan malls to always have a gun shop.)

The game does not need to explain your objectives: you are a mall security guard, and you are being attacked by zombies. What else could you possibly do but break open shop windows and  grab whatever you can use to defend yourself, right?

The controls are the tried and tested screen based joysticks, similar to those used in Gun Bros or other third person shooters. Left stick controls your character’s movement, right stick your direction of fire. I will admit that on an  iPhone, the sticks can be annoyingly small, but it’s possibly due to the fact that I do have rather large and long fingers. (ahem, take note ladies..) However, when blown up to double size on an iPad, they definitely feel much more comfortable.

As the game starts, an endless stream of zombies pour out of an escalator, and 2-3 other entry points that can be boarded up if you happen to be near them. They head straight toward you, and they obviously move slower than you. Thankfully these are not the insanely fast and strong helicopter attacking zombies you can find in ‘I am Legend’. They instead are more akin to the slow-moving undead from ‘Zombieland’, which require more of either stealth, the element of surprise, or just sheer numbers in order to be successful in their hunt for brains. Fortunately, in the scenario that your chubby security guard character is in, they have neither surprise nor stealth, since you know where they are coming from. The leaves them with the only option of swarming you with the hope that they get a bite of your meaty mall guard posterior before you blow their heads off.

Shove your crossbow right in his face

For weapons, you start off with a pistol and a baseball bat, for long range and melee combat respectively. As you complete levels you can unlock up to 4 new weapons (from a closed gun store?) and 2 new sets of armor. Due to the fluid nature of the game, it is difficult to see what difference most of the weapons make (apart from the ranged weapons) so I had to assume that they were simply more powerful in terms of damage. The idea of the game is simply to move about, avoiding the zombies as you try to kill them from a distance, for a period of time. While the levels do get a little bit too draggy due to the repetitive nature of dodging zombies, the concept is strong enough to keep die hard zombie fans picking up the game a few times.

To wrap up, while Attack of the Mall Zombies has a some areas that can be improved on, it is a friendly reminder of the type of game that will still provide those few minutes of brainless frustrating entertainment that we all need when we are waiting for the bus, sitting on the train, or taking a dump. So if you are an office slogger who needs short break in which you completely take your mind off work, you can’t go wrong with this game for just $0.99.

Review by Black Cows

(This review was requested via Twitter Id: allofmybase)


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