Pulse : Volume One – (iPad)

Developer: Cipher Prime Studios

Price: $4.99

The startup screen sets the mood.

This is the game that concluded my 12 hour quest to find a satisfying game. I give you Pulse, from the original creators of Auditorium. I stumbled upon this after spending many a disappointing hour on the iTunes “App store recommendations”. It was the new “iPad Game of the Week”, Pulse, that proved that the ever-so-saturated app store does provide occasionally come up with a recommendation worthy of some attention.


As a fan of Auditorium, I was undoubtedly filled with optimism as I tapped the app’s icon. It was 3 am as I settled myself into my couch, preparing myself for what I believed would be at least a good 15 minutes of fun. I began playing the tutorial level, and it unfortunately began with a small disappointment. It gave me absolutely no idea what on earth was going on. A brief feeling of “not another disappointment” slowly crept into my head as I tried to figure out how to play this game. It was only after a good 5 minutes of confusing bleeps, bloops and searching for a help menu, that I finally managed to get the hang of it. Luckily for you, we are here to spare you that time, and reveal something that was so unbelievably simple, yet so brilliant, that I am ashamed I took that long to figure it out.

Trippy stuff

Each level in pulse consists of only 2 types of objects: The “Pulse” and the “White” circles. The Pulse is a colored ring which expands from the inner circle to the outer circle. The aim is to tap the white circles when the pulse intersects it. Success is measured by the accuracy of your timing, and well executed taps will be rewarded with some exquisitely delightful visuals.

As with Cipher Prime’s previous creation: Auditorium, this game is all about the amazing synergy between sound and graphics. The amount of satisfaction derived from watching a vibrant melodic explosion of sound and color as you hit the circles at the right time is simply amazing. This is one of those games that use elegant visuals and gorgeous original soundtracks as proof that you do not need an inflated 3d graphics budget to make a game ever so engaging. Simply brilliant.

Before I knew it, I realised how my back was off the couch, at the edge of my seat. After 5 stages of pure fun and satisfaction, I decided to give myself a break. It was then I noticed that they only have 8 levels (around 15 minutes of gameplay). But upon a second attempt, you will probably feel that each level still has some degree of fun, offering a small value of re-playability. In addition to that, the fact that it is only the first volume, suggests that there is possibly more to come from Cipher Prime.

If you are a fan of games like Guitar Hero or Tap Tap Revenge, this game will provide a sufficiently captivating experience. A definite recommendation. But, a small warning to those who are less inclined to activities that involve hand-eye coordination. It could prove to be not as easy as it looks.

Score: 8.5/10

Review by Smoking Crows


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