Osmos HD – (iPad)

Developer – Hemisphere Games

Price: $4.99

Simple yet stylish graphics can turn games with straightforward concepts into winners


Immediately after getting my hands on the iPad 2, I rushed straight home to get it set up. (Only the Wifi version was left available to me. Sigh.) It took 5 long minutes to sync my apps (only to discover that a handful of them were compatible. Double sigh) before I began trawling both the app store and the internet, in our continuing quest to sift through thousands of apps to find games of the highest quality.

I don’t need to remind anyone how incredibly frustrating it is to think you’re downloading a quality app, only to end up with some developer’s miserable attempt to break into an already saturated market. Nevertheless, that is what we here at AOMBase are here to help you with. While we can’t cover them all, we will do what we can. And when we come across something that passes our stringent quality control process, we will bring it to light, hopefully saving you some time, energy, and $4.99s.

After hours of filtering through disastrous apps, I would like to bring to your attention, hopefully what will be the first of many iPad games: Osmos.

Osmos puts you in the shoes of an amoeba floating around in space. The concept is pretty simple, you absorb things smaller than you, and get absorbed by those bigger than you. You can move around by tapping in the opposite direction, ejecting some of your mass to propel you forward.

This is in fact the most interesting and crucial element of the game. You have to strategically plan your moves in order not to lose too much mass by the time you reach the other amoeba you are trying to absorb.

The beginning stages thoroughly explains the schematics of the game, and learning how it works is a breeze. As you go through the stages, you discover new modes and objectives each with a different style of gameplay.


The variety of objectives keeps the game fresh and leaves a sense of intrigue for the next level. My personal favourite is “Chasing”, in which they employ a relatively smart AI which would try to absorb you, while you try to absorb him. This is the mode which requires the least patience, an attribute that is very much required in Osmos. (Although they did integrate a “speed slider” so you can adjust the game speed at any time)

The “planetary” graphics and soundtrack delivers a smoothing and calming effect which is great for relaxation. The 72 levels it comes with provides plenty of game time and value for your buck.

Osmos is highly recommended for fans of games like Katamari, whom would probably appreciate the satisfaction derived from the “growing” process. Which leads me to give a small warning to the adrenaline junkies out there: you probably might not appreciate the “slower” pace of Osmos.

For the rest of you, I think the 10000+ reviews and ratings on the App Store would provide a firm enough testimonial of Osmos’ quality (4.5/5 average).

Score: 8/10

Review by Smoking Crows


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