Auditorium (International) – iPhone/iTouch

Developer: Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.

Price: FREE

It’s been only 15 months since I obtained my iPhone, and the speakers have already decided to give up on me. While it’s probably not wise to write a review on Auditorium without the sound, here it is anyway.

Auditorium! There it is, one of the first few games which I first purchased immediately after obtaining my iPhone. $1.99 at that time if I remember correctly. After a few minutes of browsing through my apps, I realized that this is THE oldest game that I have kept till this date. It brings back old memories of games such as Doodlejump & Paper Toss. Funny how we used to think how awesome those games were.  Then again, once upon a time, we were all trying not to eat our own tails on the light Blue LEDs of Nokia 3210’s snake. (All those games are probably still awesome, but we have extremely short attention spans here at AOMBase, and we are difficult to please.)

Anyway, I decided to give it another shot.. with my silent iPhone 3. (Epiphany! I really need to get an iPhone 4)


Anyway, I proceeded to try out a few of puzzles. It was still pretty decent fun even without sound.  Puzzles were not too easy, not too hard. Not long later, I got stuck at one of the more challenging puzzles, and I stopped playing. “Not that great”, I thought to myself.

It was then that I recalled how big a part the musical sound effects played. Memories of how the music merge together and resonate on every single move that you make came back to me. Filling up the ‘bars’, I remembered, would trigger this euphoric & satisfying feeling that would throw aside any feeling of boredom.

Each puzzle starts with a beautiful array of light rays emerging from a random point. Accompanying the stream of rays would be a set of different coloured “planetary rings” and “musical bars”. You would also be armed with a specific set of ‘solver tools’, which varies from puzzle to puzzle.

The aim of the puzzle is to use the tools to bend the light rays in order to fill up all the “musical bars” with the appropriate colour. Sounds easy? Okay fine.. the first few levels are a breeze but it does get pretty hard towards the end. I shall refrain to elaborate further as I believe that the discovery and experimentation process is part of the beauty of the game.

Okay, so lets keep this short and sweet. For you guys who haven’t tried it, please do give it a try. The graphics are good, puzzles are great fun, and most importantly, the sound effects integrates superbly, turning Auditorium into a symphony of visual delight. And yes, it is  free.


Score: 8.5/10

Review by Smoking Crows


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