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Much like most of you who have happened to stumble upon this blog, we have played many video/computer games. Of all kinds. Some were good, some were awesome. Some were bad, and some were just downright atrocious. But I’m a firm believer that bad games have a part to play in this world, because without the bad games, the good games wouldn’t be great. And therefore, read more..i


Taking FPS on the iPad to a new level

Review of Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation (iPad)

Developer: Gameloft

Price(7/10/2011): $6.99

Author’s Rating: 8.5/ 10

This app is good for: Anyone that like FPS games, especially COD

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Xtreme Stunt Biking

Review of Bike Baron (iPad)

Developer: Mountain Sheep Inc.

Price(7/10/2011): $0.99

Author’s Rating: 8/ 10

This app is good for: OCD Bikers / Gamers looking for a challenge

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Review of Forever Drive (iPad)

Developer: SuperMono Ltd.

Price(7/10/2011): FREE!

Author’s Rating: 7.5/ 10

This app is good for: TRON lovers with a crush for cars

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Bug Warzzz

Review of Anthill: Tactical Trail Defense

Developer: Image & Form International AB

Price(7/10/2011): $1.99

Author’s Rating: 8/ 10

This app is good for: Strategy junkies with a micro-management craving

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John Slade (SHADOWGUN) vs Dr. Simon (Maniacal Genius)

Review of SHADOWGUN (iPad)
Developer: MADFINGER Games
Price(3/10/2011): $7.99
Author’s Rating: 7.5/ 10

This app is good for: iOS Shooter fans

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What was I supposed to do again?

Review of Another World – 20th Anniversary
Developer: BulkyPix
Price(15/9/2011): $4.99
Author’s Rating: 3 / 10 (being generous)

This game is good for: Nostalgia addicts looking for a retro fix.

“kids these days don’t…”,

“they don’t make them like they used to…”

“there’s no school like the old school…”

“good times….”.

Another World is one of those games that you’d probably mention in the same breath as those sentences, in that, the only thing fueling its enjoyment would be nostalgia and not much else.

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Is that a mutated eggplant?

Review of Astroslugs HD
Developer: Bit Barons
Price(15/9/2011): $1.99
Author’s Rating: 7

This game is good for: Winding down after a long day at work

We all know that's actually an eggplant..


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